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= Optical sensing solutions delivered by an open, decentralized, and self-organizing Value Network.

URL = http://www.sensorica.co/


"SENSORICA is an open, decentralized, self-organizing value network, a commons-based peer-production network, focused on designing sensing ans sensemaking technology.

There are two tracks of innovation within SENSORICA: sensing technology and the value network model. The first is about designing and manufacturing products (sensor devices) to be exchanged on the market (see products). The second is about designing and implementing a new organizational model (see value networks).

As an organization, SENSORICA

  • is designed to facilitate the creation and the exchange of value.
       Facilitates cooperation and co-creation. 
       Secures transactions and reduces transaction costs.
       Allows transactions of assets other than fiancial
  • is decentralized
       The process of decision-making is distributed. 
       It is NOT based on power-relations, it is a value-based network.
       Resource allocation is bottom-up 
  • has a very low barrier to entry; it is open in that sense.
  • allows free individual initiative.
  • has an adaptive structure, constantly changing with respect to internal and environmental conditions.

SENSORICA is partially a commercial entity, partially a gift economy. We find solutions to problems and exchange products and services on the market. But individuals and organizations are also allowed to initiate projects that are mostly passion-driven, without expecting a financial compensation. SENSORICA offers the right balance between passion and duty, between freedom and constraint.

   An ethical and humane organization, by its nature.  
   A locus of practical knowledge about sensing.
   An organization tuned for the know how economy
   An organizations producing Commons. 
   We bet on speed to market and flexibility rather than protection.  
   We achieve speed by embracing open innovation through a network-to-teams structure.
   We build capacity by network affiliation / association. 
   We are only limited by our ability to coordinate our global network.
   We use a contribution-based compensation model."



Value Accounting in Sensorica


"We are taking an iterative approach to solve the value accounting problem and to design and implement a sound value system, which allows individuals and small organizations to collaboratively create and distribute value. The main role of the value accounting system is to track different types of contributions, like time, financial, material..., and to compute a revenue share for all contributors, based on individual contribution. This is the core of the value accounting system. This is what it takes to transition from the social web to the collaborative/value producing web. This is what it takes to transition to a new economy, a p2p economy.

In order to make value networks self-organize into creative and productive entities we need more than a sound value system. We are in fact developing the entire infrastructure of value networks, which includes communication, coordination and collaboration tools, a reputation system, a role system, an incentive system, a feedback system, a service system, a materials management system, a project/tasks management system, and many other modules. All these components interact with each other and form an empowering environment for contributing member to express their passions, exchange and collaborate to create value.

We are not just dreaming about this. SENSORICA is sustaining a continuous growth in value and in potential since its inception. It is the living proof of viability for the value network model." (http://www.sensorica.co/value-networks)


"Our open, decentralized and self-organizing value network requires a sound value system (accounting and exchange), a fair reputation system, a role system, a feedback system, and an incentive system.

  • The value accounting system records and evaluates every member's contribution. Revenues are calculated in terms of member's contributions. This system outputs a map of value sources, points of consumption and transformation, as well as the value flow distribution.
  • The value exchange system insures exchange of value among SENSORICA members.
  • The reputation system incentivizes good behavior within our community and helps to focus attention. It plays an important role in the creation and the flow of value within the network by filtering participants for adequate tasks. It also informs the service system. Reputation can also affect revenue in a direct way, if taken into account in value equation.
  • The role system guides voluntary subordination; it plays an important role in self-organization. It also informs the service system.
  • The feedback system
  • The incentive system

All these systems are necessary to incentivize activity, to induce tight self-organization within SENSORICA value network, and to render the network creative and productive. These systems are also designed for network-to-network interface.

The architecture will be modified to fit with the diaspora paradigm, see Value Networks - moving forward.

Another important aspect of value networks is the commons." (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fERNK99y_3aMx5XgGirRa_76WMz3WhEInWORJ7zfBqg/edit#)

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