Schumacher Center for a New Economics

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= To educate the public about an economics that supports both people and the planet



"The Schumacher Center for a New Economics is heir to the Legacy programs of the E. F. Schumacher Society founded in 1980.

Our work includes:

  • E. F. Schumacher Annual Lectures — highly regarded lecture and publication program founded in 1981;
  • Schumacher Library — research library including books and archives of Dr. Schumacher and other new economics thinkers as well as collections on worker ownership, community supported agriculture, local currencies, the commons, and appropriate technology, all with searchable online catalogue;
  • Events – Lectures, Conferences, and Seminars
  • Commons — history, theory, and application of community land trust model and other new land tenure approaches;
  • Local Currencies — history, theory, and application of this community financing tool;
  • BerkShares Local Currency Program — best known contemporary example
  • SHARE Micro-Credit Program — The Self-Help Association for a Regional Economy (SHARE), a model community-based nonprofit that offers a simple way for citizens to create a sustainable local economy by supporting businesses that provide products or services needed in the region (1981-1992)

We are inspired by those who paved a path ahead of us including:

  • E. F. Schumacher, economist and author of Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered;
  • Robert Swann, carpenter, founder of the community land trust movement, and founding President of the E. F. Schumacher Society; and
  • MANAS, a journal of independent inquiry capturing voices of intelligent idealism.