List of ContactCon Related Projects

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See: ContactCon for general information about the conference

Business, Exhange and Social Commerce

  • OurGoods - barter network for the creative community
  • BEEx - open source fundraising platform
  • Metacurrency Project - seeks to build a platform and protocol standards that will allow for multiple and interoperable currencies to exist on the Internet


  • FLO Farm - a 200 acre space in Greentown, PA that serves as a free/libre/open source (FLO) technology development laboratory and proving ground, a health and wellness center, a recreational landscape, an agroforestry and permaculture farm and a setting for experimentation in participatory governance practices


  • Personal Democracy Forum - conversation hub between political practitioners and technologists, as well as anyone invigorated by the potential of all this to open up the process and engage more people in all the things that we can and must do together as citizens.
  • Collabforge - consultancy leveraging mass collaboration and social technology to make government and enterprise more open and participatory.

Technology and Infrastructure

  • ""LittleShoot"" - P2P browser plugin & open source P2P platform built on a VoIP stack
  • ""Lantern"" - P2P censorship circumvention tool
  • Aidphone Flybox - box with inmarsat terminal, wifi access point, and GSM basestation to provide internet & mobile phone service to indy journalistsin crisis situations
  • Free Network Movement - community of college-aged student in Grinnell, IA, participating in initiatives to improve and produce free networking software
  • Tor Project - free software and an open network to defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, and state security