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Korakot Chaovavanich is a young researcher at the Thailand-based Knowledge Management Institute.

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Here's a summary of his research interests:

"Here's some details on "my work to promote P2P". (esp. peer learning experience)

My belief is that "new mode" of communication and collaboration is now enabled by ICT and its application to every aspects in society. I view my work generally as a catalyst that accellerate the innoation diffusion process of such applications in Thailand. Until recently, I haven't have a clear view of how every piece that I work on will contribute to the big pictures. After I worked at KMI, I could see them in a broader perspective and make some of my ideas into reality (and even see some impacts).

The pieces (approximately chronological) are - open source: as a case study on how collaboration is fully enabled by ICT. It has interesting cultural aspect too. - online community: I participate in creating a buddhist discussion group. I see how social processes take place online, eg. identity, trust, altruism, norm formation, reciprocity, reputation and collaboration. - education reform: the new education act has some idea on how people learn (eg. learner-center). It also suggest how ICT could be applied to education. (esp. non-formal education) - e-learning: I research into many type of ICT application to e-learning. For example, how to create online tutorial and how people can use wiki/forum to share knowledge.

- social software: the 'new kinds' of software, including blog, wiki, social tagging(folksonomy) and social networking. These are where my current interest is. I suspect that value creating from social processes will drive its adoption very quickly. My works here include my advice to KMI on the gotoknow.org blog system. KMI also promote thai wikipedia as per my advice. I write a few articles eg. about bloglines, folksonomy.

- network science, social network analysis: This is probably the topic I choose to to my phd on. The application of network ideas to many scientific disciplines. I am most interested on the study of network organization like KMI and ThaiHealth. I initiate an idea to help all partners of KMI/ThiaHealth to use SNA for visualizing and managing their networks.

As you can see from above, most pieces don't mention p2p. However, they are all p2p processes in essense. In summary, these pieces are my attempt to study the emerging opportunities of ICT for social development. In a few case I give suggestions so that these innovations are adopted quicker in Thailand."