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Gibin Hong is (research) director of the Karl Polanyi Institute Asia, based in Seoul, South Korea, and a political economist that has translated The Great Transformation in the Korean language.


Prof. Gibin, Hong is one of the progressive political economists introducing those alternative economic principles. His economy theory, represented as “not the Money-making economic, but the Housekeeping economic which seeks for the happiness and better life”.

His main research topics are the structural change of global political economy, and the structural change of Japanese capitalism. At the same time, he is also carrying out researches on the history of ideas for Western political economy, such as regarding Karl Polanyi, the root of the Non-Mainstream Economics and Wigforss, the core of the Northern Europe Welfare policy. Contributing as a columnist of global political economy through the various media in online and offline, he is establishing the epistemological frame of housekeeping economy, social economy and co-operative society that would replace the existing market and monetary economy.

Prof. Hong graduated in economics from Seoul National University, and the graduate school of Seoul National University majoring in Political Diplomacy. Then, he also received Ph. D in politics of York University. After returning back to Korea, he continued his career as a researcher at Financial Economy Institute and an editing committee for its Korean version. He was the director of Global Politics and Economy Studies[1] before joining the Karl Polanlyi Institute Asia.

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