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Short bio

George Dafermos is a researcher of technology policy and management and a copyleft activist affiliated with the P2P Foundation. He holds a PhD from Delft University of Technology and is an internationally recognised expert on issues related to the governance of the commons, peer production, open/user innovation, open licensing and new organisational structures enabled by the Internet. His personal website is accessible at

Recent publications

  • 'Transforming the productive base of the economy through the open design commons and distributed manufacturing'. Journal of Peer Production, Issue 7 (2015) [link]
  • 'Transforming the energy matrix: Transition policies for the development of the distributed energy model' (with P. Kotsampopoulos, K. Latoufis, I. Margaris, B. Rivela, F. Washima, P. Ariza-Montobbio & J. López). Journal of Peer Production, Issue 7 (2015) [link]
  • 'Images of innovation in discourses of free and open source software' (with M. van Eeten). First Monday, vol.19, no.12 (2014) [link]
  • Governance Structures of Free/Open Source Software Development. Next Generation Infrastructures Foundation, Delft, the Netherlands (2012) [link]
  • 'Authority in peer production: the emergence of governance in the FreeBSD project'. Journal of Peer Production, Issue 1 (2012) [link]

PhD thesis

Governance Structures of Free/Open Source Software Development (2012) Delft University of Technology [Book | Summary | Defense slides]

Policy papers

Selected interviews