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#REDIRECT [[ECC2013/Knowledge Stream#Schedule]]
Focus topics for the two [[ECC2013/Knowledge Stream#Schedule|knowledge stream sessions]] May 24.
Most will be started with a planned but brief intervention (5 minutes) or debate -- thoughtful provocations, not presentations (no slides), with responses and further thoughts sought from all participants.
These are not set in stone, will change up to moment they occur and as they occur, feel free to make suggestions...
* Articulating all commons as knowledge commons
* Biology: seeds, health, knowledge enclosure and commons
* Beating the bounds: filesharing, leaking, counterfeiting, saving patented seeds, ignoring the rules -- as knowledge commoning
* Promoting and protecting knowledge commons: copyleft and beyond
* Provisioning knowledge commons, not merely recapitulating enclosed products: mass collaboration and other means
* Knowledge commons, marginalized people, social justice
* Communicating about knowledge commons
* Compare, contrast, collaborate: democratic politics, legal reform, constructed commons, ignoring their rules
* Knowledge commons research agenda
* Strategy: all commons as knowledge commons, commons-first knowledge commoning -- how to?

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