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Readings and other resources related to stream themes to be aggregated here; feel free to add and edit, or suggest via the stream forum.

Categorization of readings is problematic; many are wide-ranging. Feel free to add further headings.


These resources give a good general background on free/libre/open/commons knowledge movements, with a more commons-centric approach than is typical for such introductions. Wouter Tebbens Prabid Purkayastha interviews Lawrence Liang

Ostensibly about Aaron Swartz (nothing new there, in fact it was made shortly after his death), but paints a much larger picture, including that enclosures of knowledge are ancient.

All commons as knowledge commons Wouter Tebbens

Commons-first strategy for knowledge commoning Glyn Moody Glyn Moody Wouter Tebbens

As we saw before, copyright and patent legislation turn ideas and expressions of authorship from commons/public goods into private property. Given their non-rival nature, this is clearly a case of generated scarcities. And a very relevant one in the current industrial societies, where a large part of the formal economy is controlled by these state granted monopolies. … [F]or a commons-based market, a “liberated” one, such monopolies should not exist. Not in the least part to assure people’s freedoms to participate in the market, the threat of patent or copyright litigations should be expelled. video/presentations of Chuang/Dubosch/Helfrich/Walsh

How could "Creative Commons" be more aligned with and better at commoning? Mike Linksvayer

Control of knowledge to perpetuate inequality ancient; assert primacy of commons values for info policy; expand options beyond increase/decrease enclosure and commoning within that regime to include pro-commons regulation

Stream reflections

Blog posts, links to discussion, interviews, other resources directly about the ECC2013 knowledge stream.

Pre-conference blog post from stream coordinator motivating this resource list.