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http://freeknowledge.eu/article-the-knowledge-society-from-a-freedom-centred-perspective [[Wouter Tebbens]]
http://freeknowledge.eu/article-the-knowledge-society-from-a-freedom-centred-perspective [[Wouter Tebbens]]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg87SR0TRw4 [[Prabid Purkayastha]] interviews [[Lawrence Liang]]
:Ostensibly about Aaron Swartz (nothing new there, in fact it was made shortly after his death), but paints a much larger picture, including that enclosures of knowledge are ancient.
==All commons as knowledge commons==
==All commons as knowledge commons==

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Readings and other resources related to stream themes to be aggregated here; feel free to add and edit, or suggest via the stream forum.

Categorization of readings is problematic; many are wide-ranging. Feel free to add further headings.


These resources give a good general background on free/libre/open/commons knowledge movements, with a more commons-centric approach than is typical for such introductions.

http://freeknowledge.eu/article-the-knowledge-society-from-a-freedom-centred-perspective Wouter Tebbens

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg87SR0TRw4 Prabid Purkayastha interviews Lawrence Liang

Ostensibly about Aaron Swartz (nothing new there, in fact it was made shortly after his death), but paints a much larger picture, including that enclosures of knowledge are ancient.

All commons as knowledge commons

http://microfactoria.wordpress.com/2012/06/04/free-knowledge-and-commons-perspectives-for-industrial-production/ Wouter Tebbens

Commons-first strategy for knowledge commoning

http://blogs.computerworlduk.com/open-enterprise/2011/07/why-we-should---and-can---abolish-all-patents/index.htm Glyn Moody

http://www.h-online.com/open/features/Why-it-s-time-to-stop-using-open-source-licences-1802140.html Glyn Moody

http://freeknowledge.eu/blog/wouter/can-we-liberate-the-market-through-commons-governance Wouter Tebbens

As we saw before, copyright and patent legislation turn ideas and expressions of authorship from commons/public goods into private property. Given their non-rival nature, this is clearly a case of generated scarcities. And a very relevant one in the current industrial societies, where a large part of the formal economy is controlled by these state granted monopolies. … [F]or a commons-based market, a “liberated” one, such monopolies should not exist. Not in the least part to assure people’s freedoms to participate in the market, the threat of patent or copyright litigations should be expelled.

http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Global_Summit_2011/CC%27s_role_in_the_global_commons_movement video/presentations of Chuang/Dubosch/Helfrich/Walsh

How could "Creative Commons" be more aligned with and better at commoning?

http://gondwanaland.com/mlog/2012/04/30/future-of-copyright/ Mike Linksvayer

Control of knowledge to perpetuate inequality ancient; assert primacy of commons values for info policy; expand options beyond increase/decrease enclosure and commoning within that regime to include pro-commons regulation

Stream reflections

Blog posts, links to discussion, interviews, other resources directly about the ECC2013 knowledge stream.


Pre-conference blog post from stream coordinator motivating this resource list.