Dafermos, George

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George N. Dafermos

Photo link: http://www.tbm.tudelft.nl/live/binaries/701c15b0-05dd-488c-ab74-8d8ed7eece46/img/Foto%20George-klein.jpg

"George N. Dafermos is an independent researcher, author, and freelance management/technology consultant, located in Crete, Greece. Currently, George works as an Internet instructor and consultant at go-online.gr (part of the wider EU Information Society programme), and lectures in Business Information Systems and Web Development at GLOBAL, which is the Campus of the University of Huddersfield in Crete. In addition, George is involved in several Internet-enabled non-profit projects, including the Common Good Public License [cgpl.org], Hyper(+)drome [hyperdrome.net], and opensource.gr. Most of George's writings are linked to from http://hyperdrome.net/people/dafermos/writings.html" (email communicaton 13/2/2006)

Amongst the resources maintained or recommended by George Dafermos are:

Open Source Greece', at http://opensource.gr/en/index.html

Hyperdrome, at http://hyperdrome.net/about.html

Host of the Journal of Hyper(+)drome.Manifestation, at http://journal.hyperdrome.net, with left-theoretical contributions about the network society.

George Dafermos, has two blogs, at http://george.wymiwyg.com and http://radio.weblogs.com/0117128