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Short bio

Alexandros (Alekos) Pantazis is a Core Member of the P2P Lab, an interdisciplinary research collective focused on the commons, and a Junior Research Fellow at the Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance, Tallinn University of Technology. He holds a B.Sc. (5-year-long) in environmental engineering, an M.Sc. in nautical and marine science, and a certificate of pedagogy and educational proficiency. He has expertise in participatory design for nature conservation and integrated coastal zone management, and a background in informal education. Moreover, Alekos has 20 years of involvement in international civil movements, focusing on agrarian indigenous populations and the commons. Alekos has worked as a scientific assistant in European projects in the areas of marine conservation and community-based management as well as in the area of the digital commons. He is pursuing a Ph.D. on the convergence of convivial technologies, commons and informal education, coordinating the socio-technical pilots of the COSMOLOCALISM project. Alekos speaks English, Spanish, French, and Greek.

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Peer reviewed articles

  • Bauwens, M., and Pantazis, A. (2018). The ecosystem of commons-based peer production and its transformative dynamics. Sociological Review, 66(2): 302-319. site
  • Pantazis, A., and Priavolou, C. (2017). 3D printing as a means of learning and communication: The 3Ducation project revisited. Telematics and Informatics , 34(8): 1465-1476. site text


  • Niaros, V., Pantazis, A., Priavolou, C., & Martelloni, L. (forthcoming). The maker movement: Values and principles. Prepared for the Open Design & Manufacturing project.
  • FP7 research project “P2P Value”. “Best Practices for CBPP Communities & Policy Recommendations”, researching how public policies have influenced commons-based peer production (case studies: Greece and Ecuador). P2P Value, FP7-ICT-2013-10 Project: 610961. site text