Yacy Distributed Web Search Engine

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URL = http://yacy.net/


Heath Matlock:

"You want to visit http://yacystats.de , and if you don't speak German, punch that in at http://translate.google.com . From there, you'll want to look at the "Network Statistics" link and also the "Peer Table". I went ahead and emailed a developer those questions, but I don't expect a response. That was another reason we decided to fork the work, the devs never responded to our inquiries, nor are they active on the

  1. yacy channel on Freenode.

Anyway, on average there are about 55 peers hosting a yacy instance, and about 1 billion links indexed and available. There are more peers, it's just 55 is the average available. It's supposed to scale to an infinite number of nodes. It's slow, being that it's based on http requests. Query response time depends on peers, the default timeout is at 3 seconds at the moment. There aren't any statistics for this available right now. "YaCy knows 5 different ways to acquire web indexes, find out detalis by downloading it and going to http://localhost:8080/CrawlResults.html ..The image without the details is on my server at http://ybit.ath.cx/images/yacy_index_monitor.png"

Now the website is available in english, french, spanish, and chinese as well and there are Wikis. Johannes