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= Solidarius Credits are used since 2007 in the 'Solidarius' solidarity economy network, founded by Euclides Mance and others in Brazil and elsewhere

URL = http://www.solidarius.net/creditos/conversor.php


Euclides Mance:

"We have developed a metodology and IT tools to define a solidarity unity of economic value and to connect local economy communities into local and international networks using self managed value signs connected with a monetary fund. This approach was developed in the book Constelação Solidarius, published at 2008."

More Information

  • Sistema de Intercâmbios Solidarius. By MANCE, Euclides André.

URL = http://www.solidarius.com.br/biblioteca/sis.pdf

Source, the Book: Constelação Solidarius: as fendas do capitalismo e sua superação sistêmica. IFiL, IFIBE, 2008, p.125-144