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Threebles is a proposed single currency system. It is a B2B asset backed currency system where the net value of all "Threebles" in the system is 0. This is possible because all transactions create a debt and a credit that offset each other. Threebles are a complimentary currency, meant to be used in addition to the normal legal tender of the currency network participants' legal jurisdiction.

The name "Threebles" comes from the idea of "Three Bottom Line Economis"(3ble). The idea is that currency should allow us to value more that simply profit in our transactions, and that currency systems should be designed to target additional metrics, and specifically "People, Planet, and Profit."

The Threebles currency system is still under development. It is unclear whether or not a functioning software system to administer the network actually exists, or what if any progress is being made on it currently.

It appears that the Threebles project is an offshoot of the Metacurrency Project. An email has been sent to Art Brock, affiliated with the Metacurrency Project to verify this.


Threebles as a P2P Currency System

The Threebles concept is a sound base for a P2P Currency. While the model was constructed as a recession fighting anti-inflationary Business-To-Business currency, peers in a network can fill in the roles of the businesses as long as they are willing to engage in the process of offering credits and debits against their productive output.