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Areas of Activity

  • Small Scale Production
  • Production On Demand

Related Concepts

  • Openness

Sam Rose:

"Thing Commons" above is what some people call "means of production". Open license machines, designs, materials, etc. This is probably going to be Paul's offering to the group. But, we'd work on it with you ahead of time either way. (p2presearch list, August 2009)

More Information

From the Forward Foundation's Blog:
Full size on Prezi:
  • Design
    • Evolution is perpetual design. Perpetual design requires openness, and modularity on all scales. Open modular designs can be made, unmade, and remade.
  • Make
    • Whether you are carving a marble statue or assembling parts together, making is the craft of creating something new in the world.
  • Deliver
    • Delivering "things" means delivering on your commitments: to participate, to refine, to engage, to improve, to innovate. Proximity provides access to use, for physical as well as virtual "things."
  • Community
    • discuss
    • value
    • organize
  1. Infrastructure Commons