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Compiled by Nathan Schneider [1]:

  • Fairmarket - “a global community of ethical producers and consumers connected by a cooperatively owned online marketplace” [3]
  • Fairmondo - “a global, decentralised online marketplace owned by its local users” [4]
  • FairShares - “a brand and development model for self-governing social enterprises operating under Association, Co-operative and Company Law” [5]
  • Mass Mosaic, a crowd trading platform that transitioned to multi-stakeholder ownership through FairShares. [6]
  • Loconomics - Connecting service providers with customers. Ownership structure? [7]

“We’re readying for our launch this winter as a freelancer-owned cooperative” Said, Carolyn. “Cooperatives give new meaning to sharing economy.” SFGate. May 24, 2014.

  • Member's Media [8]
  • Percloud - a personal cloud stack project [9]
  • Stocksy, a stock photography co-op founded in 2013. [10]

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