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Hello, my name is Patrick Anderson.

My original work here was primarily describing User Owned organization/incorporation/governance.

I am also very interested in the Mode Of Production Shootout.

I am recently concentrating on proving "primitive accumulation of capital" ( ) can be 'solved' at the point-of-sale by treating the payment of Surplus value as though it were an Investment from the Consumer who paid it.

When profit is thus understood to be a plea for growth from a dependent consumer, we can meaningfully route that payment toward the purchase of more Physical Sources which must eventually (I don't yet know exactly when or under what conditions) vest to the very same payer as real property ownership.

Treating Profit, Economic rent and Interest in this manner causes an economic system to initially grow as non-owning consumers buy at a Price Above Cost, but also causes that growth to naturally taper-off toward zero as each consumer gains sufficient ownership in the Material Means of Production.

When the Consumer of a good or service is also the owner of the Physical Sources of that production, then Price == Cost, and Profit == 0.

When Profit is not treated as a reward for the current owners, there is no artificial (and dangerous) incentive for infinite growth, nor is there the suicidal stance that abundance from any other source should be destroyed, murdered, stopped, deleted, hidden, etc.


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