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As a child, I wondered how ants organized society so each had plenty, while the TV showed fly-covered children clenching empty steel bowls.

The TV asked for money to help but surely the ants didn't have money.


Later I began reading and pondering the strange GNU GPL copyright license. It requires every user gain access to the sources of the products they use. But most users don't care about the sources, so why would they need access?

I thought about this for years. What a curious idea.

It would be like gaining ownership in a fruit tree when you eat that fruit.

I eventually saw this could work if the tree owner used some of the profit you paid for those fruits to buy even more land and trees and water-rights required to grow even more fruit in the future and 'vest' those shares to you, the consumer.

I finally realized this arrangement eventually eliminates the usual need to buy those goods.

The owner of a tree does not buy that fruit, he owns it even before it has been picked!

Even if others do all the work, there is no sale and no profit.

This reduces barrier-to-entry and promotes permanence.


Hmm, but what about the poor workers?

Turns out every worker is also a consumer of *something*. So they also need property ownership in sources to assure that production.

If workers gain sufficient access to sources which vest as work is completed, they acquire the property ownership required to avoid profit, interest and rent.

If workers swap skills *before* production begins, they have incentive to build permanent solutions since they are 'paid' by the agreement either way.