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Who are we (PaG)?

„Houses for those who live in them, factories for those who work there“. These demands were meant to defeat profit-oriented thinking and the accumulation of capital. However over the course of the years a large part of the property which we had purchased as a community crept back into private property. This experience led to the founding of the ‘Projektwerkstatt auf Gegenseitigkeit’ (PaG), which is based on the concept of separating ownership of a property from its use. The name PaG can be roughly translated as ‘workshop for mutual support’.

PaG consists of people who live and work with each other in various projects and seek to shape society (together with individuals not tied to a particular project). We share our knowledge, our (practical) work and share the responsibility for the grounds and the building of the property. Its ownership is in the hands of a foundation (which we started) and which is available to groups on a loan-basis. As a group we take care and assist in making sure that the project is doing justice to the aims it formulated.

The circle of projects which co-operate with one another is meant to be extended. For that we are making efforts to get hold of further means to effectively support new projects. In this way we are trying to get closer to our goal of softening up property relationships so they lose their influence on our social life. PaG is coming into being through collective processes and is itself an experiment.

PaG projects so far exist near Templin (Karlshof), in Biesenthal (Wukania) and in Strausberg (aller_Dings)."