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Open Social Web Standards

  1. Open ID [1] - distributed authentication and basic profiles
  2. oAuth - distributed (delegated) authorization
  3. Portable Contacts - making your contact list portable and interoperable
  4. - semantic structure for activity streams so distributed streams can be meaningfully merged and split
  5. PubSubHubbub or (PuSH) - distributed realtime publishing
  6. Salmon - ensuring that a distributed comment thread stays connected to the source (uses PuSH)
  7. Webfinger - enable profile lookups from an email address

Combined Standards

  1. OpenID Connect - combines OpenID and oAuth
  2. OStatus - combines ActivityStreams, PuSH, Salmon, Webfinger

Implementation in Major Networks

  1. Google Buzz: ActivityStreams, OAuth, PubSubHubbub, Salmon, WebFinger, OpenID
  2. Myspace: ActivityStreams, OpenID, OAuth, OpenSocial, PuSH (coming soon)
  3. Twitter: oAuth
  4. Facebook: oAuth, OpenID (consumer), ActivityStreams

Open SocialWeb Projects

(these are simply ordered based on when they were added to this list) (other wp projects: and

More Information

  1. Activity Standards
  2. Identity Standards‎‎
  3. Privacy Standards
  4. Profile Standards‎
  5. Social Media Standards