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'The Open Science Framework (OSF) is part network of research materials, part version control system, and part collaboration software. The purpose of the software is to support the scientist's workflow and help increase the alignment between scientific values and scientific practices.

Document and archive studies. Move the organization and management of study materials from the desktop into the cloud. Labs can organize, share, and archive study materials among team members. Web-based project management reduces the likelihood of losing study materials due to computer malfunction, changing personnel, or just forgetting where you put the damn thing.

Share and find materials. With a click, make study materials public so that other researchers can find, use and cite them. Find materials by other researchers to avoid reinventing something that already exists.

Detail individual contribution. Assign citable, contributor credit to any research material - tools, analysis scripts, methods, measures, data.

Increase transparency. Make as much of the scientific workflow public as desired - as it is developed or after publication of reports.

Registration. When a strong a priori hypothesis exists, registering materials certifies what was done in advance of data collection or analysis. When many labs are working on similar questions, registration affirms the date and time of designs, data collections, and discoveries.

Manage scientific workflow. A structured, flexible system can provide efficiency gain to workflow and clarity to project objectives, as pictured." (

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