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Interview of Henry Chesbrough, Conducted by Oana-Maria Pop:

'Prof. Chesbrough, could you give us a brief synthesis the Open Innovation Movement’s evolution over the last 10 years?

To put my response into context, when I wrote the first book in 2003, I ran a Google search on the term open innovation. The result: 200 page links that said “company X opened its innovation office at location Y”, but really no meaning to the two words together as a phrase. By contrast, when preparing for a talk last month, that same search generated 483 million links, most of which addressed this new and very different model of innovation. Moreover, there have now been hundreds of academic articles written on the open innovation approach, and there is even an annual PhD conference that trains dozens of new scholars each year who are writing dissertations on the topic. So yes, it had become a movement in its own right." (

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