Notes from Michel's Talk at Madison Mapping Summit

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Notes by Paul B. Hartzog

Michel Bauwens, notes

20 minutes vision, 20 minutes practical

young radical Michel, history then into business "this can't be the way" studied Transformation

Michel's Narrative = Fiske + Karatini

Fiske overview combinations of relations throughout history bushmen meat example = hartzog's pie example = communal shareholding some new commons are no longer limited in time and space

sedentary lifestyle, tribal, leads to gift economy = equality matching rules to prevent concentrations of power, potlatch

social stress, conquest, leads to class society Empire, Incas, join us

no society except ours has put the market "on top" middle ages, city would buy grain and set price or third party would set the price in a transaction

Free cities only in Europe. "margins of Empire" the rest of the world was Empires. Merchants gained power slowly and emerged as a new power.

Capitalists won because they existed at the right time during collapse.

Modern society has access to new techniques that work better than older forms. Zog agrees. wikipedia, contributing to a shared resource

IBM adopts Linux to save 90% on their internal infrastructure have to play along with the Linux community

"Commoner" is a person who is pooling / sharing something.

Feudal. Farmers expelled. Sell their labor in cities. Became workers. Unions, etc.

= Now. Workers expelled from the system more and more. They need to find a transformative solution.

Find ways to make dominant institutions (state / market) "work for us" Extractive models no longer work.

There is always an economy around the commons. Create Open Commons. Mondragon example. They hire Polish workers at minimum wage. (bad).

Old coops = extractive but together, capitalist mindset instead lets create entities that create commons.

cooperative work shared can be extracted need Reciprocity Based License to protect the commons ex. Creative Commons

"we need to co-opt them"

doubts you can do this in one county. need trans national cooperation

The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

examples from around the globe of commons-building trans-national civic organizations, and commons networks

Notes by John