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* White paper: MyData – A Nordic Model for human-centered personal data management and processing. By Antti Poikola, Kai Kuikkaniemi and Harri Honko. Ministry of Transport and Communications, Finland, 2018


Also an international initiative and organization, see 'status'


"This white paper presents a framework, principles, and a model for a human-centric approach to the managing and processing of personal information. The approach – defined as MyData – is based on the right of individuals to access the data collected about them. The core idea is that individuals should be in control of their own data. The MyData approach aims at strengthening digital human rights while opening new opportunities for businesses to develop innovative personal data based services built on mutual trust."


  • MyData Principles 2
  • 1 – What is MyData? 3
  • 2 – What are the benefits of MyData? 4
  • 3 – Why is MyData an infrastructure level approach? 5
  • 4 – How does MyData approach work in practice? 6
  • 5 – Why is MyData focused on consents? 7
  • 6 – Why should companies be interested in MyData? 8
  • 7 – How does MyData help me manage my privacy? 9
  • 8 – What are the next steps? 10
  • 9 – Give me some examples! 11
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"The MyData Principles:

1. Human centric control and privacy: Individuals are empowered actors, not passive targets, in the management of their personal lives both online and offline – they have the right and practical means to manage their data and privacy.

2. Usable data: It is essential that personal data is technically easy to access and use – it is accessible in machine readable open formats via secure, standardized APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). MyData is a way to convert data from closed silos into an important, reusable resource. It can be used to create new services which help individuals to manage their lives. The providers of these services can create new business models and economic growth to the society.

3. Open business environment: Shared MyData infrastructure enables decentralized management of personal data, improves interoperability, makes it easier for companies to comply with tightening data protection regulations, and allows individuals to change service providers without proprietary data lock-ins."


  • "The nonprofit MyData Global organisation will be founded Oct 11th: We invite you to participate the official founding meeting online or in one of the physical meetings that will be organised around the globe in the places with MyData local activity."