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"Dr. Mark McElroy is the creator and world’s leading advocate of Context-Based Sustainability, a pioneering implementation of the Sustainability Context principle for measurement, management and reporting. He is also co-creator of the MultiCapital Scorecard, the world’s first context- and capital-based Triple Bottom Line method, and the underlying co-developer, with Martin Thomas, of the doctrine of multicapitalism. Dr. McElroy’s innovations in the field have influenced the development of context-based tools, methods and metrics on multiple fronts, including the Science-Based Targets initiative for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and the Context-Based Water Metric currently in development by CDP, the CEO Water Mandate (a project of the Pacific Institute and the UN Global Compact), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), World Resources Institute (WRI), and WWF. McElroy has written widely on all of these topics and is co-author of Corporate Sustainability Management (Earthscan, 2012) and The MultiCapital Scorecard (Chelsea Green, 2016). He is a former KPMG partner, the founder and Executive Director of the Center for Sustainable Organizations, and a co-founding principal of Thomas & McElroy LLC, home of the MultiCapital Scorecard."

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