Livable Income Guarantee

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John Quiggin:

"'To respond to the post-pandemic era, we should adopt the concept of a Liveable Income Guarantee (LIG). The LIG is closely linked to the “participation income” proposed by British economist Anthony Atkinson. It starts from the principle that everyone has a right to a liveable income and the opportunity to contribute to society. It’s similar to a universal basic income but requires recipients to participate in socially useful activities [this hinges on who gets to define that and how they track it - SE]. The narrow measure of “formal employment” largely obscures the fact that many people without paid work productively contribute to society in other ways. Unpaid work of parents, carers and volunteers has been estimated as equal to almost half of Australia’s GDP. While the contributions of carers has been partly recognised through the Carer’s Payment, other forms of unpaid work have not.'" (