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"I‘m a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Educational Research and Development, where I undertake research and development into the use and role of technology in higher education. Previously, I held posts as Audiovisual Archivist at Amnesty International, Project Manager for Amnesty‘s Digital Asset Management system and worked in Collections Management as Moving Image Archivist at the BFI National Film and Television Archive. I returned to my home town of Lincoln in 2007 after living in the USA, Japan and London.

My current research began with an interest in the role of technology in higher education. It now extends to the idea of the university as a means of production, and the possibility of co-operative ownership and governance of the university. As such, my thinking and writing is now focused on the history and political economy of science and technology in higher education, its relationship with and impact on academic labour, and the way by which academics can control the means of knowledge production through co-operative and ultimately post-capitalist forms of work and democracy." (

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