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""By Intentional Biology we mean a rational and, as possible, controlled human interaction with the living world. This requires an ability to observe what is happening in biological systems, an ability to understand what we observe, and an ability to affect biological systems based upon our understanding. An intentional biology will allow humans to leverage the existing molecular infrastructure and cellular architecture to produce food, energy, and materials with greater efficiency than is currently possible."

While there is overlap between this definition and the goals of many biologists, note that IB is explicity about technology and design.

The phrase "Intentional Biology" is a way to think about the future of biological science and biological technology -- biology will itself eventually become a human technology.

A prerequisite to IB is a predictive biology, whose predictive abilities are grounded in the knowledge of an inventory of biological parts and how those parts work together to create system outcomes. A predictive biology will require the creation of new tools and techniques for generating biological information as well as the development of computational and analytical frameworks for integrating this data. These capabilities will enable the design and engineering of biological systems." (

Discussion: Intentional Biology needs to be an Open Biology

""The changeover to a predictive and intentional biology is already occurring, but the transition itself is not without risk. We believe that the free distribution of biological information and methods and the creation of an open source biology in the service of humankind will minimize risk." (

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