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= an international and interdisciplinary Research Network on Information, Communication and Spirituality

The purposes of ICS-Net are to advance research in its domain, and to bring together pertinent scholars from different branches of science.


The rationale behind lumping information and communication together is the fact that they are so intertwined, both as concepts and as phenomena. They both involve transferring representations and constructing meanings. Perhaps the biggest difference is that information mainly refers to content, whereas communication mainly refers to process (this is, of course, a simplified view of the relationship). The spiritual, on the other hand, can refer to several different things - anything from meaning in life to the (alleged) world of spirits. Besides religion, concepts related to spirituality include consciousness, higher things in life, magic, mysticism, New Age, occult, paranormal, purpose in life, self-development, supernatural, superstition, etc.

More Information

Internet discussion group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/ics-net/.

Founder, Jarkko Kari, http://www.uta.fi/~csjakar/

E-mail [email protected]