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= promoting the use of Free Software to ordinary users



"We are a small but enthusiastic community organised as a non-profit. Our main project, Get GNU Linux (, is a high-quality multilingual website to promote free software amongst everyday users.

GetGNULinux is now translated in Spanish, French, Catalan, German and more languages are coming." (

The association has the following objectives:

To make common computer users understand that freedom in software is as important as freedom in society, and therefore advocate the use of free software, in particular the GNU/Linux operating system.


1. To promote the use of the GNU/Linux operating system, because it is free software (other characteristics being secondary);

2. To provide simple and clear advice for newcomers to GNU/Linux, in all possible languages;

3. To discourage the use of non-free software by informing people about its restrictions and encouraging the use of free software.