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= a proposed XML definition tailored for Fablab project documentation needs

URL = http://wiki.fablab.is/wiki/Making_the_case_for_FabML


Peter Troxler on the proposal for a Common description language:

"Defining an information interchange format enabling different Fablabs sharing their documentation regardless documentation system used at an individual lab. XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is, as the name suggest, an extensible way to mark up your data for machine-readability for data storage and transport.

“FabML” would be an XML definition tailored for Fablab project documentation needs - including things such as controlled vocabularies for machines and materials needed to complete a project in order to allow global searchability and specifying and formalizing other aspects of manufacturing (which will undoubtedly become more obvious as the project proceeds)." (http://fabfuse.org/en/lineup)

More Information


  1. http://wiki.fablab.is/wiki/Making_the_case_for_FabML
  2. http://www.academia.edu/1964060/Developing_open_and_distributed_tools_for_Fablab_project_documentation