Enterprise Mashup Markup Language

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= EMML is an open, freely available language for the development, interoperability and compatibility of enterprise mashups.

URL = http://www.openmashup.org/omadocs/v1.0/index.html


"EMML is an XML language to describe the processing flow for a mashup. EMML files, called mashup scripts must be processed by an EMML engine that interprets EMML statements to perform the mashup. The EMML package includes the EMML Reference Runtime Engine that serves as a non-commercial EMML demonstration engine.

Using EMML, mashups can invoke web services or retrieve data from web sites or relational databases. Mashups use the results of these component services in processing to create a mashup result. Thus, mashups written in EMML produce new data that can be used in other applications or mashups or rendered in user interfaces to fit your needs." (http://www.openmashup.org/omadocs/v1.0/index.html)

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