David Hammerstein

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"As Member of the European Parliament he was a full member of the powerful Committee of Industry, Energy and Research, as well on the Foreign Affairs and Petitions Committees. He has worked extensively on issues related to knowledge management, intellectual property and Internet governance. He has played a very important role in the parliamentary and social debates on copyright extension, IPRED 2 - criminal measures aimed at ensuring the enforcement of intellectual property rights, the successful campaign against software patents, the defense of consumer rights in roaming phone rates, issues related to net neutrality, IP and privacy in the Telecom Package and Universal Services, the promotion of sharing and flows of knowledge in the EU´s Seventh Framework for Research, the patentability of life-forms and bio-piracy, science for green agriculture and issues concerning clean technology transfer to the South in the fight against climate change, among other issues. He spearheaded the “Open Parliament” campaign to open the European Parliament to open-source software. He has published many articles, press releases and position papers concerning all of these questions." (http://fcforum.net/participants)