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Section for items on Gender issues.

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"I want to present evidence that gender egalitarianism was pivotal to the evolution of our language-speaking ancestors. I’ll ask whether it makes a difference if our modern human bodies and minds evolved through a prolonged period of increasing egalitarianism. Would it help us if we were designed by natural and sexual selection to be happy and healthy in egalitarian conditions? If so, then perhaps the positive question that needs asking first is not ‘how did we get to be unequal?’ but ‘how did we first become equal?’"

- Camilla Power [1]

Key Resources

Key Articles

  • Gender Egalitarianism Made Us Human. How humans are primed for cooperation and gender equality, and how it separated us from primate logics. By Camilla Power of the Radical Anthropology Group.

Key Books

  • Brigitte Kratzwald. The Whole of Life – Self-organisation between joy and necessity.

(Originally a German-language book: Kratzwald, B. (2014): Das Ganze des Lebens. Selbstorganisation zwischen Lust und Notwendigkeit. (The Whole of Life. Self-organisation between joy and necessity. Translated by the author of this review) Sulzbach/Taunus: Ulrike Helmer Verlag, p.11.)

  • The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future by Riane Eisler: "he book introduces a new conceptual framework for studying social systems that pays particular attention to how a society constructs the roles and relations between the female and male halves of humanity. It proposes that underlying the long span of human cultural evolution is the tension between what Eisler calls the dominator or domination model and the partnership model."

  • Heide Goettner-Abendroth: 1) Matriarchal Societies. Studies on Indigenous Cultures Around the Globe; 2) Societies of Peace. Matriarchies Past, Present and Future. Inanna Publications and Educations Inc., Toronto/Canada 2009

  • To explore: the material and hypothesis by the Radical Anthropology Group on human symbolism, the sex strike and the instrumental role of women n the civilising process

Key Individuals

Riane Eisler

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