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"CarNearUs is a marketplace for individual car owners to rent their vehicles to individual drivers, much like, but for hourly rental of vehicles rather than sales. It is called it p2p carsharing instead of rental because it’s a variation on carsharing – a label used for companies like Autoshare and Zipcars -- as distinct from car rental companies like Avis and Hertz. The peer-to-peer model brings carsharing to locations that do not have high-enough utilization to be profitable for traditional carshare, extending the benefits of automobile back-up to lower density neighbourhoods enabling switching to other travel modes. It also provides a revenue flow in the local economy by utilizing idle capacity.

The unique benefits of CarNearUs, include reputation management, automated driver scoring, passive parking payment, as well as the potential for usage based insurance and other platform-enabled services. This will eventually fit into an integrated ecosystem of mobility management towards the goal of better quality of life in our city region and beyond.

Rose Kudlac founded and sold an IT company specializing in enterprise resource planning, and developed a ridesharing site, Bern Grush is a road pricing consultant and was the original founder of Skymeter, a provider of revenue-grade telematics. Skymeter provides the in-car equipment for our marketplace."